Day 08 – Blog Challenge – Star

Welcome to Day 08 of the #BookReviewBlogChallenge, and the LAST challenge prompt!

Big shout out to all the participants – I had an amazing time reading all your entries and found some brilliant authors to add to my TBR pile. My eyes are shining up like stars just thinking about the new books I plan to read! Irrespective of who wins, you are all “STARS”.

And this brings me nicely to today’s theme – “STAR”.

Blog Challenge Day 08 entry

My entry is a YA book titled “Next door to a Star”. This is not my normal genre, at least not since my teen years. However, I decided to give it a try since the cover and blurb looked intriguing, and a friend recommended it. I was hoping this would be a good author/book to gift to my nieces and young cousins, but the jury is still out on it!

  • Title – Next Door to a Star
  • Author – Krysten Lindsay Hager.

The story is about a young girl (Hadley) staying with her grandparents for a vacation, where she meets and befriends a teen TV mega-star. Later, Hadley gets to move in with her grandparents and go to the same school where the star attends. Hadley gets caught up in the dramas that follow a shy teenager at a new school, compounded by the glitzy world of being in cahoots with a teen heartthrob. Will Hadley remain calm and sensible, will she get disillusioned or worse mesmerized by superficial lives ephemeral fame?


Thoughts on the Book:

First, I must admit the author writes extremely well from a teenager’s perspective. Puberty and teenage can be hard, especially on young girls as they try to balance school, hormones, cliques, and a keen desire to be perceived as “cool” and “popular”. Everything is a “drama” and blown out of proportion! The author fleshes all those emotions quite realistically, and readers will remember their own school years. Or recognize classmates, kids, and nieces/nephews in some or all the characters.

Second, the book is written from an age-appropriate standpoint, no steamy scenes or violence or foul language. If you are a parent or (aunt like me) who wants to vet a book before kids read it, then I do not see any major red flags for this book. The book feels akin to the movie “Mean girls” – you want to roll your eyes at times, but the story is relatable to teens and tweens.

However, as an adult I do have some concerns that the book might send the wrong signal to some kids. Trying to fit in is normal, but how far do you want your kids to take it? Being introverted is not a gate pass to be deferential or act a doormat! I just want to shake Hadley at times, but all parents feel that way, so perhaps the author is correct at portraying things as they truly occur in real life! I did feel I was over-analyzing the book at times. Plus, some of the girls are too silly for words.

For these reasons, I did not go with a rating higher than 4.0. However, if your teen just wants a quick read. If your child or YA relative normally reads classic books, or will not be overly influenced by fictional characters, then you might consider giving this as a change in tastes!

Similar Works

  • Books – “Nancy Drew”, Babysitters club books (series), Sweet Valley High School books (series)
  • Movies – Mean Girls, Bring it On, Ice Princess.
  • TV Series – That’s so Raven (Nickelodeon), Never Have I ever (Netflix).
  • Genres – Teen & Young Adult, Young Adult Contemporary Romance, YA.

Hope you all found this blog challenge as engaging as me!

Until next time, Adieu and happy reading! 🙂

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  1. Finitha Jose May 13, 2020 @

    I chose The Girl Of Ink And Stars. Here is the link :

    • Ann May 13, 2020 @

      In a way this reminds me of Moana – young girl trying to save the island. Probably that’s where Disney got the idea too! 🙂

      The cover is gorgeous: 100% agree!

      • Finitha Jose May 13, 2020 @

        Yes, the story is similar to Moana, only thing is this takes place on land.

        I am really going to miss posting reviews here. Thank you so much for organising this challenge

      • Ann May 13, 2020 @

        Thank you for the feedback; much appreciated! Will definitely reach out to you next time I run the challenge, i loved reading all your entries.

  2. Delia Macdonald May 13, 2020 @

    I had such a great time with this blog challenge! My last book is the Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle (sporting a star on the cover) Thanks for hosting!

    • Ann May 13, 2020 @

      What a fabulous story – and the cover is superb too! Now I want to read this too! 😀

      I liked Crichton books, will scout if my library has a copy of this author and book.

  3. Miss Camila May 13, 2020 @

    Participating in this challenge was super fun! Thank you for creating it. I chose Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli for the final prompt:

    • Ann May 13, 2020 @

      I would have bought the book just for this quirky cover! Glad i read your review instead! 🙂

      Excellent review – once again, thank you so much for participating so actively!

  4. Sveta Li May 13, 2020 @

    For this one, I used Comet Seekers which focused on universe and comets.

    • Ann May 14, 2020 @

      Gorgeous cover and an interesting story!

  5. Isabella May 13, 2020 @

    I chose the indie novel Crimson Reigns for the three stars on the cover! Thanks so much for this challenge, I had a lot of fun!

    • Ann May 14, 2020 @

      I’ve always wondered how authors conceive the idea of a fantasy world, completely different from Earth. This book brought that thought back. Thanks for the detailed review!

      Glad you had fun with this blog challenge!

  6. Unidragonfrag May 14, 2020 @

    I missed the last one… just didn’t get the book I planned to use for it done in time and had no backup plan, but I got this one! Thanks for hosting this, it’s been fun!

    • Ann May 14, 2020 @

      No worries – your backup is perfect for the theme! 🙂
      Glad to hear you enjoyed participating in this challenge.

  7. Niru May 14, 2020 @

    I chose the book Data Science Jobs: Career Guide for Students & Professionals- blog post at The book goes beyond the STAR method touted by most job guides reveal- more reasons on how this book matches the theme are in my blog post- Promise!

    • Ann May 27, 2020 @

      Thanks for that stellar review! 🙂

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