Winners – Blog Challenge

First of all, a big shout out to all the challenge participants. 🙂 Thank you so much for actively participating. I had a great time reading your entries, exploring new authors and finding more about new genres.

There were 5 participants with a perfect score [200 points], so I did have to apply the tie-breaker timestamp rule. For those who just missed the e-card prize, please know that I hate that I had to choose. I feel for the ones who just missed, and understand that timezones and sheer luck might have been the cause. Still, rules are rules!

With that aside, here are the winners:

First Prize Winner:

Finitha Jose – . Perfect score and first to post on most prompt days.
Prize = $50 e-card prize & digital certificate

Second Prize Winner:

Miss Camilla – Perfect score and a few points behind on account to the time stamps.
Prize = $20 e-card prize & digital certificate

Honorary Mentions:

All of you had a perfect score, too but missed out due to time stamp rules. Still, it is my privilege to send you the “Honorary Mention Winner” digital certificate! You are all winners in your own right.

Delia –
Isabella –
Niru –

Other Mentions:

There were 2 other participants I do want to call out for special reasons:
She missed Day07 post, else she was a leading contender.

Sveta Li
She started late but picked up quickly, even ratcheting the early bird points for the last 3 prompts.

Claiming the Prize:

To claim your prize, please send me an email at with the following information before May 28th 10 pm EST.

  • Name & Website link (to be used on the digital certificate)
  • Amazon site (US/India/UK/other) – the correct region for the giftcard.
  • Email – preferred if you use the email associated with your amazon account, but not mandatory.

Once again, thank you so much for your active participation. Until next time, Adieu and Happy Reading!

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