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New month, new ideas. Last month of the year means holidays, performance appraisals, new year resolutions, hope for a brand new year and a new enthusiasm to finish the year strong!

So here is my reading list for this month:

  1. The Gutsy Girl Handbook by Kate White
  2. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey.
  3. Never split the Difference by Chris Voss.
  4. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazlewood.
  5. Speak Like a CEO by Suzanne Bates
  6. The CEO Next Door by Botelho and Powell.
  7. High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.

What’s new on your list?

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Books on Creativity & Innovation

Feeling stuck or devoid of inspiration? A problem irritating you to no end? Stuck with writer’s block?

Creative inspiration is an ideal answer to all these problems. In today’s knowledge economy, innovative ideas and creativity are the new currency for career acceleration. Also, as more jobs get automated, soft skills combined with innovative thinking is the only way to remain relevant and valuable in the marketplace.

Creativity & Innovation Thinking – the only way to save your job from being made obsolete by Automation!

So here is a list of 7 superb books that will turbocharge your thinking and sharpen your creativity muscles:

1. Alchemy. Author = Rory Sutherland.
2. Creativity Inc. Author = Ed Catmull.
3. Design Thinking. Author = Tim Brown.
4. 131 Boredom Busters & Creativity Builders for Kids. Author = Jed Jurchenko.
5. The Accidental Creative. Author = Todd Henry.
6. Creative Careers. Author = Jeffrey Madoff.
7. Tools of the Titans. Author = Tim Ferris. Review here

Some of these books also feature on my list of Top 25 books to read this year. A modified version of this article was also posted on under the title “Best Books on Creativity & Innovation

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