For Authors

For all self-published and traditional authors, we offer the following marketing services for a small fee:

  • Book review blog post – can be solo or part of a blog tour with other bloggers. You can add the permalink for these posts on your Author page, and use summaries or quotes from the review under “editorial reviews” on your book page on Amazon, or even inside your book.
  • All posted reviews will also receive a post on our Instagram account.
  • Author interview posts.
  • Fees do not guarantee 5-star Book reviews!

Caveats for Review posts:

  • Book review posts can be scheduled before launch date or pre-launch, provided enough lead time is available.
  • Book review turnaround time (after ebook is received) is 3 weeks.
  • Faster turnaround incurs additional fee.
  • Only reviews scoring 3.5 or above (on 5-point scale) will be added to the site. We will send an email with private feedback if the book does not meet our expectations. Please see book review rubric at the end.

Fee Structure

  • Non-fiction books (except technical texts and software related) – $15
  • Fiction books (under 60k words) – $15
  • Non-fiction technical texts and software related books – $25
  • All other books – $20
  • Author interview posts – $5.

If you have a boxed book set, or multiple books, please contact me via my contact page.

Reviews on Amazon & Other Sites

Any book that receives 4.5 or 5.0, will automatically post a precis review summary on GoodReads and Amazon. Note, Amazon does frown on paid reviews, but the payment is for blogpost and social media commentary.

Please use the Contact Me form with the following details:

  • Book Title and Genre
  • Author Name. If Pen name or pseudonym is used, then please indicate real name in message body, so we can address emails correctly.
  • Book launch date, especially if currently on pre-order. If the book is being re-launched then please indicate new launch date.

If accepted, we will reply with a request for an ebook copy or send a questionnaire template for author interview blogpost.

Book Review Policy

  • Basic grammar and formatting – We don’t expect Oxford English level grammar and 100% error-free books, but occasionally some books have too many issues and ruin the reading experience. If this is the only issue, we will provide feedback and a second opportunity to submit a new ebook copy.
  • Excellent Content – For nonfiction books, we evaluate if the book provides valuable content, without too much filler. Books with affiliate links are accepted, without being spammy. For fiction, the story has to be engaging, with a logical flow to story and characters. Unexpected twists and interesting dialogues are always welcome!
  • Books in a series – For books which are part of a series, we expect the story can be followed with minimal issues, even if the reader has never read other books in the series. For example, the fourth or fifth book in the Harry Potter series can be read without knowing about the first few, but the Deathly Hallows part2 book requires reading part1.
  • Scoring – Very few books receive a 5.0, but unless there are serious flaws or an unoriginal plot line, most books tend to qualify for a score of 4.0 or 4.5. Scores are on a 5 point scale in increments of 0.5 decimal.
  • Similar Reads – I use my own judgement and experience (reading books and movies) to add references to similar authors or movies, so readers are more likely to take a chance on an author they have not read before. But if you have suggestions or recommendations, please do send them over.
  • Disputes – I will send an email draft before the post goes live. Scores will not be changed, since this is an honest review, but authors have 1 week to reply if they do not want the content posted. Once published, the post will not be removed.

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