Writers, Be Bold

Imagination and creativity for writers

As the year comes to an end, ponder what you want to do in 2021. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that life is unpredictable and we cannot wait for a perfect moment to live our dreams!

As a budding writer, author or content creator, what stories are you deferring for later?

Don’t wait anymore!

Be Bold! Put your writing for all to see!

Commit to your writing dreams for 2021 and use this last month to plan how you are going to achieve it. At worst, you will fail which means the status quo (from today) remains unchanged. At best, you will do a spectacular job and live your dreams!

If you still need motivation, here is a screenshot from Gumroad where hundreds and thousands of indie creators have made astonishing sales! Achieving even 0.01% of this success translates to $100; wouldn’t that be delightful?

Plus, this is just one site. You could publish on Amazon or Google Play or host a course on Udemy and Teachable. The possibilities are limitless!

Gumroad sales

For me, I have been writing sporadically in 2020 despite my professional and personal commitments. For 2021 though I plan to be more regular and also publish 4 books that have been simmering inside me for years!

So, what will you achieve in 2021?

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