Day 02 – Blog Challenge – Travel/ Vacation

Welcome to Day 02 of #BookReviewBlogChallenge. The theme for today’s book is Travel or Vacations.

For today’s prompt I am choosing the book “Thailand” which I received as an early reviewer copy from #NetGalley.

  • Title – Thailand
  • Author – Narisa Chakrabongse

I’ve always been fascinated by Thailand’s natural beauty after seeing Bond island and the gorgeous Phi-phi island which has been featured in movies galore. My sister-in-law and her family visited the country 2 years ago, and had such a great time that this immediately got added to my bucket list.

This book is a blend between a travel guide and a photography book, with breathtaking images from all corners of the country. Think Fodors meets National Geography. Once you read the book, you will fall in love! ‘

REVIEW SCORE = 5/5 *****

This book is amazing – and anyone reading it will feel compelled to visit the country to experience this beauty. The stunning images and detailed information about culture, important sites and history make it a fabulous read. I love hiking and visiting National Parks, and never knew Thailand had such gorgeous parks! This book just brought Thailand to the top of my travel list, so I can see all these items firsthand.

There is a lot more to Thailand, than just the glitzy streets of Bangkok, and this book catalogs those gorgeous vistas, and getaways. Its hard to pick, but I loved the images of the Buddha statue park, the 300-years-old Sai Ngam and Wat Non Kum temple in the Nakhon province.

For travelers who have never visited this country, this would be fantastic guidebook so they can make the most out of their visit. Others who have visited before, will want to read this to see what they’ve missed and plan a future trip!

So here is the Question of the Day (QOTD) – what is your dream destination? Honest answers please, your favorite travel destination can be completely irrelevant to the book you choose for today! 🙂

Similar Works:

  • Books – “Lonely Planet India” . National Geographic Magazines.
  • TV Series – Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Lonely Planet documentaries.
  • Genres – Travel, Travel Pictorial Guides, Southeast Asia travel guides

Until next time, happy reading!

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    • Ann

      Great Choice, Finitha! Loved your personalized notes on the hero’s flaws, it made the book so much more interesting!

  1. I love travel books with lots of pictures, after all, a picture can speak more than words. Will sure to check this one out.

    As for my dream destination, at present it is Spain. Wanted to visit ever since reading Dan Brown’s ‘Origin’.

    • Ann

      I’ve heard great things about Spain, too! Hope you get to visit soon!

    • Ann

      riding across European castles – What a wonderful travel dream!

      I liked the detailed review and Las Vegas is certainly an amazing travel destination. National parks and stunning scenery or glitzy casinos and nightlife, there is something for everyone’s tastes! ☺

    • This might be cheesy but my dream destination would be anywhere I can go with someone I love. I am saving to go to Spain since my sister is planning on going there for her master’s, and once there I’d love to go to France.

      • Ann

        Europe seems to be a fav destination for a lot of folks, including me!
        Love your review of the book and how it reminds you of incidents from your own life. Think it says a lot about how well the author writes to invoke such deep emotions! Great choice!

    • Ann

      Japan is a very unique choice! I love the book on Portland that you chose; so few books talk about the good and the ugly parts of a travel destination!

  2. Isabella

    My dream destination is Ireland. Honestly, anywhere green will do: Scotland, Ireland, or Iceland. All the “lands.” Anyway, the prompt was a bit of a challenge for me, considering I only read YA Fantasy typically. But I chose The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare since the setting is in another dream destination of mine: New York!

    • Ann

      Ooh, I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland after reading about it in so many Victorian romances!

      The Mortal series seems quite engaging, especially because it is set in amazing New York! Been a couple of years since I visited, but it always gives me the vibe of a city where dreams come true! 🙂

  3. Ann

    Writing the date and place of book purchase- what a lovely tip!
    Food and travel, that is a great combination! ?thanks for that detailed review!

    • Ann

      Sounds like a plot twister!

      @Svetlana, you do read quite extensively – stories from Jamaica, Japan and America! Super! ?

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