Day 07 – Blog Challenge – Time

Welcome to Day 07 of the #BookReviewBlogChallenge. It is amazing how fast time flew and we are almost at the end of the competition! So, the theme “Time” for today’s challenge ties in quite nicely! ?

Last week’s prompt was any book with 400+ pages and Unidragonfrag won it hands down with her entry of “Worm” – an ebook serial spanning ~7000 pages! Whew! That is longer than the Harry Potter series combined!

365 Days of FB

My entry for today’s theme is “365 Days of F(i)B-Bing” by Nirupama PRV. It is the story of a young techie, Avantika, who dreams of being perceived as cool and successful. To achieve this, she decides to post every day on Facebook, hoping to boost her popularity and create an illusion of fame and acclaim. What happens next is a series of hilarious and interesting twists.

As the fine line between real and virtual blur, her past fabrications close in on Avantika. Can she keep up or lose it all? Do her Facebook frolics triumph or backfire? That is the crux of the story.

  • Title – 365 Days of Fibbing.
  • Author – Nirupama PRV

REVIEW SCORE = 5/5 *****

Challenge Theme

Time = Days! That is the connection I am using to tie between the theme and this book. Often individual days are slow and boring, but time (years and even a lifetime) often just speeds past!

Some of the individual entries in the book, written as a sort of hybrid diary, may not feel catchy, but the overall book is brilliant! By the time you finish this book, you will be motivated to start writing everyday or posting selfies on Instagram just to test out the theory! ?

What I Loved about the Book:

First, the author is a phenomenal storyteller! I could see parts of me in Avantika. The way she reacts is exactly how any 22-year-old would! Isn’t that the goal of every fictional book – to make the reader immerse so deep in the book, they forget it is a mythical world?

Even if you have never worked for the software industry, you will still relate to many scenes in the book, like the interactions between Avantika and her friends, the confusions and aspirations every one has from their first job. If you come from a large family and especially if you are of Asian or Mediterranean origin, the scenes between Avantika and her cousins/family/wedding scenes will feel 100% real.

Also, love the cover!

If you like witty writing or standup comedy, you will love this book. The book is funny without being a comedy or satire. An excellent read if you just want something to perk yourself up. In many ways, this book reminded me bestselling author Nick Spalding, who wrote hits like “Logging off” and “Dumped Actually”. Or a classier, more confident version of “Bridget Jones Diary”!

One special note, this book is not necessarily from the YA (young adults) genre but can be read by teens as well, since the book does not have any censored topics or steamy scenes. It will probably make an excellent Graduation Day gift. Lord knows, with the chaos of the Covid19 pandemic, the class of 2020 could use something to lift their spirits and take their mind off all the mental stress!

Similar Works

  • Books – “Dumped Actually” by Nick Spalding, “Bridget Jones Diary” by Helen Fielding, “Just a Name” by Becky Monson, “Stylist Takes Manhattan” by Rosie Nixon.
  • Movies – Confessions of a Shopaholic,  
  • TV Series – Never Have I ever.
  • Genres – Women’s Humorous Fiction, Urban, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Women & Relationships Humor, Literary Satire, YA Books

Until next time, Adieu and Happy Reading!

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  1. Ann

    Ooh, that is an interesting plot. Reminds me of Karen Moning’s “The Dark Highlander”.

    Also, I do appreciate your punctuality and sincereparticipation, Finitha! You’ve had the first comment for at least the last 3 posts! Right on time! ??

    • Ann

      hello Isabella,

      Great review and synopsis about the characters, made it really appealing. The book has an awesome cover, at least to me. It looks so mysterious like the inside of an Egyptian tomb.

    • Ann

      Hi Camilla,

      Now that you mention it, I don’t think I have ever read a book by an indigenous author. Chinese, Indian and American, yes. But never indigenous of African or even south american… really should start somewhere.
      Anything to recommend?

      I see why you chose only 3*. The plot had a lot of promise, but was not explored.

      Still fits the theme beautifully, and gave me a lot to introspect.

    • Ann

      I love the cartoon cover for the “Stay at home mom”. (Realize its not your main entry, but its so cute! )

      Escape room for 6 year olds – mind-blowing creativity!!! I will have to check this author very soon. I have read so much non-fiction, can’t believe haven’t come across this one before. Anand if the book generates such brilliant ideas, then i do have to get a hold. ?

      Excellent review!

    • Ann

      I’ve read only a couple of books by Crichton, but he is a phenomenal storyteller!! I don’t think I’ve read this one, will look it up! ?

      I knew he wrote jurassic Park, but did not realize so many of his other books were also converted into movies!! Wow!

    • Ann

      a Jamaican story – how wonderful. Haven’t read any authors of Jamaican origin, as mentioned earlier for Miss Camilla’s entry.

      Time jumps can get disorienting, i agree.

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