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Welcome to Day0 of the #BookReviewBlogChallenge!

Today’s task is to add a post on any book that sparks joy in your life! It could be a book that makes you laugh, a book that brings back fond memories, maybe the first book you ever bought on your own salary! 🙂

Write a 1-line description of why you love this book along with the cover image; no word count rules today! Then post the link to your blog or Instagram link in the comments.

For me, this book by Robin Sharma is a favorite read. Love the bite-sized chapters and the mood boost they instantly provide. Its like a prose form of a cup of steaming hot chocolate after a cold winter commute! 🙂 Another lovely part of this book is that it actually belongs to my husband, who introduced me to the beautiful world of self-help books and inspirational authors like Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and Malcolm Goldwell.

Images of two of my favorite chapters are added below:

Happy Reading!

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    • Ann

      Matilda sounds really interesting – cover is so cheerful! I will make a note to add it as a gift item for my nieces! ?

  1. Ann

    Nice pick, Delia! I love stories related to King Arthur and his knights!

    • Ann

      Good choice – also love the creative motif artistry on your bullet journal. That is gorgeous! 🙂 Also best of luck with Camp NanoWriMo, i am participating too! 🙂

      • Ah, cool – thank you! I’m keeping within 600 of the goal (because I missed a full day – doh!). But I’m thinking of finding some sprints to participate in this weekend. Good luck to you too!

    • Ann

      Nice pick – did not even realize there was an illustrated Harry Potter series for kids! 🙂

  2. Isabella

    Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas has always been one of my favorite reads. This novel officially inspired me to write my own stories, and I could not be more grateful to the author for writing her books. So, huge thanks to this amazing book for sparking joy in my life large enough to last an eternity!

    Website link: https://isabellareviewsonline.wordpress.com/blog-2/

    • Ann

      Hi Brooke,
      Love the overall look of your site, the dragon and the sidebars! 🙂 Very cool.
      Signed first edition book – that is a rare occurrence, so I totally agree about the explosions of happiness!

    • Ann

      Hi Finitha,
      Love the anime character on your homepage – also nice pick with such a classic like Jane Eyre… so few folks have the patience to read those! 🙂 Good job!

    • Ann

      Nice work Danielle – delighted to read about the deep bond you have with this book!

  3. Day 0 Prompt: Books that Spark Joy.

    If we’re going nostalgic, I would have to say my first mail-order book club as a child will do the trick. I loved getting these books wrapped in non-descript brown cardboard and tearing open the flap to see what was inside, a bit like Christmas morning. My dad was the designated reader in our family and I savored that time with him.

    And then, I got a little older and read the Judy Blume books, which I loved, but then friends and I discovered The Babysitter’s Club and that bonded me to them even more and made me want to be an author. Lois Duncan and Joan Lowry Nixon inspired my love for creepy things and places.

    But the books I of the authors I interview, especially lately truly spark joy. I am raving about ONCE REMOVED: Stories by Colette Sartor. You can check it out here:


    Always with a Book


  4. Ann

    I loved the Babysitters club, too! Also very impressed that you are listed among the Top 1% of Goodreads Reviewers ! Good choice for the book.

    • Ann

      these covers are truly quite joyful!! Reminds me of the baby sitters club series – happy teenagers! ?

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